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Tham Pha Tup Forest Park
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City, Nan
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08:00 - 17:00

Tham Pha Tup Forest Park is in Pha Sing sub-district, 12 kilometres from the province on Highway No. 1080, Nan – Pua – Thung Chang route, at Km. 9-10. It is accessible in every season. 

Interesting Attractions within Tham Pha Tup Forest Park are as follows: 

Nature Study Route There are various kinds of plants that should be studied and rarely seen such as Chan Pha - Dracaena spp. - and Ueang Phueng - Dendrobium lindleyi Steud., which are usually in bloom during the end of the rainy season. There are overall many routes starting from the walking trail to Tham Bo Namthip, the route from the Office of the Forest Park to the viewpoint spot, and the route around the Office. 

Tham Phra is a large cave, covering an area of 50 square wa. There is a chimney letting in the breeze and the sunshine passing through and beautiful stalactites in the cave. It is located 200 metres from the Office of the Forest Park. 

Tham Bo Namthip has a large room with a width of approximately 30 square wa and a chimney letting the sunshine penetrate the cave. At a side of the cave wall are stalactites and a deep tunnel where an oval basin containing water throughout the year is located. The water is considered as sacred and the symbol of this cave. Visitors have to climb up the rocky cliff all the way to the cave which is 1,200 metres from the Office of the Forest Park. During the rainy season, there is water in the cave making it not accessible. 

Tham Khon is a cave with a long shape similar to a log. The cave houses a splendour of stalagmites and stalactites. At the front of the cave entrance stands a cliff. It is suitable for relaxation and admiring the view of the Nan Swamp. 

Tham Chedi Kaeo is a small cave whose front houses a rock similar to a chedi. 

The Viewpoint Spot is in a bamboo forest, next to Khao Bo Namthip in the southern side. At this spot the surrounding scenery and Mueang Nan district can be clearly seen. It is 1 kilometre from the Office of the Forest Park or takes 2 hours for a round trip on foot. 

Activities: On the full moon day of the fifth lunar month (of the North) the Ban Pha Tup people usually organise a ceremony of gilding the Buddha image of Khao Tham Phra, called “Tham Pha Tup Fair”. In the morning, there is a ceremony of giving alms to the monks, while during the day are music and performances of students from Ban Pha Tup School. The fair takes place annually at the cave. 

To get there: From Mueang Nan district, take Highway No. 1080 for 10 kilometres until reaching the crossroad to the entrance of the Pha Tup Forest Park for 200 metres. Otherwise, take a Nan – Pua Bus or Nan – Thung Chang Bus passing the Tham Pha Tup Forest Park.