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Tham Khao Khong Chai
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Lan Sak, Uthai Thani
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Tham Khao Khong Chai is a mountain in Tambon Lan Sak, with a height of 353 metres. In front of Khao Khong Chai, there is a shallow, spacious cave in a form of a large tunnel. It is believed that this cave used to be a habitat of pre-historical humans because they found stone tools and shards of pottery. A flock of bats live in the cave and fly out in the evening to find food. If climbing up the high cliff, it is possible to find the caves above, such as Tham Thong Chai, Tham Maha Sombat, Tham Pet, and Tham Lom. Nearby, another mountain with beautiful caves is located. The large land in the middle of the valley covers an area of a temple and Lan Sak Witthaya School. To get there, take Highway 333 from the city, passing Amphoe Nong Chang. Then, take Highway 3438, Nong Chang – Lan Sak route. About 2 km. before getting to Amphoe Lan Sak, turn left into Lan Sak Witthaya School. Drive on for about 500 metres until arriving at Khao Khong Chai, which is approximately 52.4 km. from the provincial city.