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Chiang Mai City Arts and Cultural Center
Chiang Mai City Arts and Cultural Center
Chiang Mai City, Chiang Mai
Operating day :
Operating time :
08:30 - 17:00

Located at Prapokklao Rd., Tambon Sriphum. An old building of elegant architectural design was built in 1924. Standing on the location of former royal hall, the building was used as the central administrative offices of the Monthon Phayap administrative unit of Siam, and later as the Provisncial Hall of Chiang Mai.

The cultural center was created to help them understand their roots and foster a sense of pride in local indentity and thus to help preserve the beauty of local customs and culture. The museum has been divided into two sections. The front (eastern) part of the square-shaped building contains permanent exhibits. The rear section of the building has been dedicated to cultural activities, temporary exhibits, a souvenir shop, a lecture theatre, an exhibition hall for Lanna arts and an archive.

Permanent Exhibits
The Permanent exhibits are thematically divided into periods and topics which are shown in 15 rooms. They show the development of the region and the city from pre-history to its rise and decline as an independent capital.The city's history is illustrated up until present times.The system of administration, way of life, local wisdom and the culture that have created the city's proud identity are presented using a variety of media . Models, slides, pictures with text explanations, digital video presentations and graphic displays will impress visitors and help them understand the origins of the city.

Temporary Displays and Activities
The rear of the building and the enclosed open-air courtyard are reserved for a variety of cultural acitvities aimed at conserving and promoting the valuable traditions of the local culture.

Opening Hours : Tuesdays to Sunday including public holidays 8.30- 17.00 hrs. (close on Monday) Tel: 0 5321 7793, 0 5321 9833 Fax : 0 5321 9833 Website : www.chiangmaicitymuseum.org