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Ban Nam Pieng Din
Ban Nam Pieng Din
Mae Hong Son
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Housing is another way that visitors can enjoy living in the Karen. Ban Nam Pieng Din regain the community's long-neck Karen Tue º from one side in Burma in Thailand. Prior to departure at Ban Nam Pieng Din Nai Soi and Ban. So here is a community that is quite big and old. And continue to serve as a way of life Karen people are very traditional. Pai village located on the water. To visit the Karen Long Neck here need to cruise the river Pai. All sides by water downstream to the beautiful natural scenery of rice fields and forests. Boat trip will take them to park within the village. As the third car that tourists in the village. To talk and take the long neck Karen. In addition, the village has souvenir souvenirs sold to tourists as well. The cruise through there and back takes about 1-2 hours.

The journey from Mae Hong Son town to Highway No. 108 refers to the Su. Yuam through Government Center. Observed arch A junction right onto Highway 1025 approximately 600 meters to the intersection, turn left, follow signs for about 1. 5 kilometers, then have the separate right opposite the park, Mae Hong Son to the streets of Accelerated Rural Development. Through Pong red Ban Huai Dua and 4 km distance from the pier parking Ban Huai Dua, then contact the contractor tail boat pier Ban Huay Dua.