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Mountain (Doi)
Phu Wua Wildlife Reserve
Phu Wua Wildlife Reserve
Bung Khia, Nong Khai
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Phu Wua Wildlife Sanctuary  is located in Ban Don Chik; 3 km from Bung Khla district and take a right turn for a further trip of around 6 km. It has an area of around 186 sq. km. or 116,562 rai, covering some part of Bueng Kan, Bung Khla, Seka and Bueng Khong Long districts, and nearly bordering Laos. This sanctuary is around 150-300 m above sea level. Types of forest here are mostly Deciduous Dipterocarp Forest, Dry Evergreen Forest and Moist Evergreen Forest. Some parts of the area are sandstone mountain ridges, rocky grounds and grass fields.

Places of Interest

Namtok Tham Fun  is located in Ban Phu Sawat, Tambon Nong Doen. Drive on Highway 212, and 7 km. before reaching Bung Khla district, turn right to go on for around 4 km. The waterfall is encompassed by a timber forest with a scenic view of the northern Phu Wua. A walking trail passes a rocky ground to the cascade which is seen along the long narrow channel on the sandstone cliff. There is water only in the rainy season.

Namtok Chet Si  is located in Ban Don Siat, Tambon Ban Tong, Amphoe Seka. This very beautiful waterfall, especially during the rainy season, originates from a stream of Huai Ka-am and flows along a high sandstone cliff to spread over a long line. The falling water that hits the rocks below causes a spray of water which gives rainbow colours when seen in sunlight. So came the name “Namtok Chet Si,” which means a waterfall of seven colours.

To get there  Drive on Highway 212, and 12 km. before reaching Bung Khla district, turn right at Ban Chai Phon. Head for the waterfall, past Ban Phu Ngoen and Ban Don Siat, for 28 km. Or from Phu Thok, take the route via Ban Na Tong and Ban Don Siat, totalling 14 km.

Namtok Phu Tham Phra  is located in Ban Tham Phra, Tambon Sok Kam, Amphoe Seka. It is around 34 km. from Seka district. Like other waterfalls at Phu Wua, it has water only in the rainy season. A monastic residence or Samnak Song here is tranquil and shady. Walking down to the rocky ground at the back, visitors will find a valley with a deep bottom of around 200 sq. m. where a waterfall flows down the valley. The waterfall is on a cliff of around 100 m wide and 50 m high. Visitors can play in the pool.

To get there  It is rather a difficult trip. From Bung Khla district, drive on Highway 212 for 24 km. to Ban Tha Dok Kham. Turn right to take a dirt road to Huai Bang Bat and go further by boat to the waterfall.

Namtok Chanaen  is located in Ban Phu Ngoen, Amphoe Seka. Originally, it was called “Namtok Tat Sanaen.” “Tat” literally means a place where water flows. “Sanaen” refers to “summit” or “excellence.”  This waterfall has its origin from Lam Huai Sanaen. It is 100 m wide and has two tiers with an interval of 300 m. This is a large and beautiful waterfall which has water only in the rainy season. The path to the waterfall passes Khua Hin or a natural stone bridge of around 100 m long, where a phenomenon of water disappearing under the bridge can be witnessed. A walk up to the second tier passes along a stream dotted with boulders. Following the stream on its left bank, visitors will find a broad ground by a large pool. There is another small waterfall called Namtok Bueng Chorakhe, rushing down to the pool.

To get there  Use the same route to Namtok Chet Si. Take the Ban Chai Phon – Ban Phu Ngoen route for 13 km. Follow a small road off the route for another 5 km. Go further for the final distance on a bumpy narrow dirt road accessible by only motorcycle.

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