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Khlong Tron National Park
Khlong Tron National Park
Nam Pat, Uttaradit
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06:00 - 18:00

Klong Tron National Park is situated in an approximate area of 518.80 square kilometers, covering the areas of virgin forests in Thongsaengkhan District, Nam Pad District of Uttaradit Province. Apart from large canals and gullies, the National Park also has beautiful natural sightseeing spots including Huai Niam Waterfall, Kokmonkaew Waterfall, Tham Jan, Tham Jedee, Tham Suadao, Tham Phatang, Kao Phumiang, as well as cliffs, and provides recreational facilities. It  consists of high and low mountains. Major mountains of the National Park include Kao-phumiang, Kao-kwumrua, Kao-ngairua, Kao-samliam, Kao-yuak, Kao-thanon, Kao-daed, Kao-maipha, Kao-takbon, Kao-namyai, Kao-phakkhuang, Kao-jan. Kao-phumiang is the highest mountaintop (1,500 meters above the medium sea level) located in the east of the National Park, and being the source of major gullies flowing westward into the Nan River.

Attractions in National Park  are as follow:


- Kaojedee  Kaojedee is a beautiful and unique pagoda-shaped stony mountain, situated approximately 500 meters away from Thamjan.

- Chan Cave or Tham Jan  a medium-sized, 15-meter-wide cave, situated in the right-hand side of Klongtron National Conserved Forest, within the areas of Tambon Phak-khwa and Tambon Thongsaengkhan, at the depth of 200 meters from the cave entrance. The Cave cannot be accessed by car.

-  Klong Tron Waterfalls Originating from Klong Tron Gully, the Klong Tron Waterfalls consist of two separate waterfalls, including a 4-step, 20-meter-high waterfall, situated approximately 1,500 meters away from the other 30-meter-high waterfall. Tourists have to access the Waterfalls by walking due to unavailability of vehicle routes.

-   Pha Phu Miang  Pha Phu Miang is a beautiful and unique large-sized cliff, situated between Ban Tonkhanun and Ban Bangkhampom (approximately 10 km away from the village). When overlooking from the cliff, tourists are able to have a view of the whole village. Tourists have to access the cliff by walking due to unavailability of vehicle routes.

       How to get there : by car ;  From Muang District of Uttaradit Province, you may take Highway No.11 to Ban Nam Ang of Tron District, and take Highway No.1047 to Nam Pad District (Total distance from Muang District to Nam Pad District is 70 km).

         Admission Fee: Adult 200 Baht  Child 100 Baht  

        Accommodation :  National Park provides Bungalow and tent for tourists.
         For more information please call  +66 2562 0760. or website : www.dnp.go.th
        Remarks: National Park closed during September 1- October 31 of each year.