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Khun Nan National Park
tourism authority of thailand
Bo Kluea, Nan
Operating day :
Operating time :
08:00 - 17:00

Khun Nan National Park is within the compound of the Doi Phu Kha and Doi Pha Daeng National Forest Reserves, Phu Fa sub-district, Bo Kluea Tai sub-district and Dong Phaya sub-district, covering important mountain ranges such as Phu Fa, Khun Nam Wa Noi, Nam Wa Klang and Phi Pan Nam mountain ranges. The summit of the Phi Pan Nam mountain in Dong Phaya sub-district is the highest point, with an approximate height of 1,745 metres above sea level. The waterfall is full of water throughout the year. 

Interesting Attractions within the National Park are as follows: 

Namtok Sapan is at Mu 1, Ban Sapan, Dong Phaya sub-district, 1 kilometre from the Office of the National Park. Take Highway No. 1081 and turn right for 2 kilometres. It is a medium-size waterfall with a height of 3 tiers with a stream throughout the year. It is a shady, beautiful, and abundant forest, 10 kilometres from the Bo Kluea District Office. It is conveniently accessible by car. Continue with a walk for 700-800 metres. 

Namtok Huai Ha is at Mu 14, Ban Na Bong, Bo Kluea Tai sub-district. It is a medium-size waterfall. The first, second and third tiers are approximately 8, 12 and 50 metres high, respectively. There is water throughout the year. The third tier (Pha Daeng) consists of various beautiful cascades. 

How to get there

By Bus:
From Mueang Nan district, take the Nan – Pua bus and continue with the Pua – Bo Kluea bus. Get off at Bo Kluea district and continue with the Bo Kluea – Chaloem Phra Kiat bus. The bus will pass the entrance of the National Park. Continue with a walk for 500 metres. 

By Car: From Bo Kluea T-junction, turn left into Highway No.1081 for around 5 kilometres. The park is on the right side. Proceed further for 500 metres. The entrance is a laterite road. The viewpoint spot is 2 kilometres from the park. The Khun Nan National Park provides accommodation and a camping area for tourists. Contact Dong Phaya Sub-district, Bo Kluea District, Nan 55220, Tel. 08 1960 5507 or www.dnp.go.th or e-mail: reserve@dnp.go.th.