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Huai Rabam Forest Garden
tourism authority of thailand
Lan Sak, Uthai Thani
Operating day :
Operating time :
08:30 - 17:30

Huai Rabam Forest Garden is located in Tambon Rabam, 78 km. from the provincial town, with an area of 11,740 rai (18,784,000 square metres). This reforestation is under responsibility of the Thai Plywood Company Limited. There are also teak, eucalyptus, and casuarinas junghuniana Miq. forests. Visit the plot of newly planted forest. A reception house with a capacity of about 30 persons is available for staying overnight but visitors have to bring their own food. In the dry season, there is a shortage of water. In the rainy season, it is difficult to enter to the forest garden. For further details, please contact the Thai Plywood Co., Ltd. at Tel. 0 5651 1094 or Provincial Forestry Office at Tel. 0 5631 1009.

To get there, drive along Highway 3438. At about Km. 46, turn left and go on for about 16 km.