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Si Phang-nga National Park
tourism authority of thailand
Kuraburi, Phang Nga
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06:00 - 17:00

Si Phang-nga National Park covers a total area of  153,800 rai of the Khao Nom Sao Range, which is a national forest reserve located in Amphoe Khura Buri and Amphoe Takua Pa. It features intact moist evergreen forests. Major flora include Yang – Dipterocarpus alatus, Takhian Thong – Hopea odorata, various species of palms, Kapho Nu –Licuala triphylla, staghorn fern, orchids like lady’s slippers and Ueang Ngoen Luang – Dendrobium formosum. It also serves as a natural habitat for different species of fauna and birds such as Malayan tapir, Sumatran serow, banteng, barking deer, tiger, hornbill, Asian fairy-bluebird, helmeted hornbill, soro brook carp, Blyth’s giant frog, etc. It has a longer rainy season than summer, with rainfalls almost all year round during May and December. It was declared a national park on 16 April, 1988, and established as a park in honour of His Majesty the King on the Auspicious Occasion of His Majesty’s Fifth Cycle Birthday Anniversary.

Interesting Attractions within the National Park:

Namtok Tamnang is 1 kilometres from the Park’s headquarters and 500 metres from the parking area. It cascades down a cliff of 63 metres high with water running all year, especially in the rainy season. The surrounding area is very shady with large trees; and the stream is inhabited by soro brook carp. There is a nature trail of 2 kilometres along a steep route, which takes approximately 3 hours. A guide is needed.

Namtok Ton Ton Toei is straight along the left branch road before reaching the checkpoint at the entrance to the Park’s headquarters. The waterfall cascades down a stone cliff of 45 metres high. The head of the waterfall is accessible by a 1-kilometre route along which there are viewpoints to admire the Park’s fertile forests and mountains. A return trip on foot takes approximately 3 hours. It is recommended to stop for a rest at Namtok Ton Ton Toei Noi which is about 10 metres along the route. A guide is needed.

Namtok Ton Ton Sai  cascades down a boulder of 20 metres high. Its surrounding area is covered with Sai or banyan trees and beautiful rocks. It is accessible by the same route leading to Namtok Ton Ton Toei but is located some 500 metres beyond.

In addition, there are other tourist attractions of interest such as Namtok Suan Mai, a cool and shady waterfall with water all year; Thung Chali, a vast field of approximately 2,000 rai that serves as a feeding ground for various kinds of fauna and home of a large number of birds – camping is allowed here but visitors will have to bring their own tents; Saphan Phra Aram (สะพานพระอร่าม), a stone bridge of 25 metres long constructed across the river by tin miners in former times, only traces of the stone pillars remain at present.

Admission to the park is 100 Baht for adults and 50 Baht for children.

Accommodation: No bungalows are provided but a camping site and welfare shop are available. Visitors are required to bring their own tents. The campsite fee is 30 Baht / night. For further details, please contact the Si Phang-nga National Park, 65/16 Tambon Bang Wan, Amphoe Khura Buri, Phang-nga, Tel. 08 9473 5007, 08 6952 5246, or visit www.sriphangnga.4mg.com.

How to get there
The Park is approximately 100 kilometres from the provincial town along Highway No. 4 (the Amphoe Takua Pa – Ranong route). Turn right for 5 kilometres at Km. 756.