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Sirinat National Park
Sirinat National Park
Thalang, Phuket
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The park is located approximately 30 kilometers from Phuket City. Occupying an area of 90 square kilometers, the park has a 13-kilometer beach. Formerly known as Nai Yang National Park, it was declared a National Park on 13 July 1981.

To reach the Park, start from Thepkasattri Road and continue towards the Thalang intersection, then take a left turn at kilometer21 and 22 markers and proceed for approximately 10 kilometers. Alternatively, at kilometer 21 and 22 markers, follow the road which leads to the airport for approximately 2 kilometers.

 The park consists of picture-perfect beaches and mangrove forests as follow:

 Hat Nai Thon

Nestled on the rim of a secluded bay south of the park is another popular tourist attraction, especially for day trippers. Nai Thon Beach has a unique natural setting with both ends of the beach being protected by granite outcrops that serve as a natural shield making the bay a perfect nursery for both marine life and corals. The beach is suitable for swimming. For those seeking utmost solitude, it’s not that far. Just walk a few hundred metres to Hin Kruai Bay to savor the moment.
To get there, follow the route to Sirinat National Park, then turn left at kilometer 21 and 22 markers. At the intersection of Ban Sa Ku, turn left and proceed for approximately 3 kilometers.

 Hat Nai Yang

Located to the south of Mai Khao Beach, Hat Nai Yang is a serene and isolated bay ideal for swimming and family picnics. The beach itself is impressive, as it is fringed by shady pine trees. Nearby coral reefs make explorations into the underwater world worthwhile. In addition, sea turtles are inhabitants in the area. The parks headquarters is located here.

 Hat Mai Khao

Also known as the Airport Beach (Hat Sanambin), the beach is located at the northern end of Phuket Island. As Phukets longest beach, Hat Mai Khao is famous for its tranquil beach set in a relaxing ambience. Camping grounds are provided. The beach is not recommended for swimming as it slopes steeply. Hat Mai Khao is home to wonderful creatures such as sea cicadas and turtles. In addition, it is an egg-lying ground for sea turtles.

 The Beach can be reached by taking the Thepkasattri Road on to the Thao Thepkasattri Bridge, then taking a left turn at the directional sign pointing to Mai Khao Beach or follow the Thepkasattri Road that passes the Airport intersection. At the Sarasin Bridge, turn left and proceed for approximately 3.5 kilometers.

 Hat Sai Kaeo

Located to the north, next to Mai Khao Beach, Hat Sai Kaeo is a long white powdery beach naturally decorated with groves of pines along the shore. Ideal for relaxation, the beach is Phuket’s northernmost beach.

Mangrove Forest

Located in the area of Tha Chatchai, the mangrove forest covers an area of approximately 320 acres. Situated on the islands northern tip, the place offers interesting nature trails for those wishing to learn more about the forest that protects the land and natures sea creatures.

Admission Fee: Adult 200 Baht  Child 100 Baht
For more information viisit www.dnp.go.th