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Khao Phra Viharn National Park
Khao Phra Viharn National Park
Si Sa Ket
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06:00 - 18:00

The park’s territory lines Thailand-Cambodia border, over high cliff and lush forest of Dongrek Range. Khao Phra Wihan National Park acquires 130 square kilometres area of Amphoe Kantharalak of Si Sa Ket, Sub Amhoe Nam Khun and Amphoe Nam Yuen of Ubon Ratchathani. The country’s 83rd National Park was established on March 20, 1998.

The park features dry evergreen forest, mixed dipterocarp forest, and deciduous dipterocarp forest. It is home to numerous wildlife which roams between two countries such as wild hog, deer, barking deer, rabbit, squirrel, gibbon, civet.

Phra Wihan National Park features attractions and interesting activities including:

Mo I-Daeng Cliff. One of the best bird’s eye view point of Northeast, the red-colour rock cliff is situated right on Thailand-Cambodia border. It offers panoramic view of vast Cambodian forest and Preah Vihear Sanctuary.

Bas relief. Situated south of Mo I-Daeng cliff, the bas relief carved on the red- sandstone cliff depicts three gods in Khmer style. Khmer craftsmen probably practiced here first before the real carving at Preah Vihear Sanctuary.   

Double Stupas. Two sandstone stupas, or ‘Phrathat’ for local people, in cube shape and round top are situated west or Mo I-Daeng Cliff. The stupas houses things that mirror prosperity of such period.

Don Tuan Khmer Ruins. Built during the 10th -11th Century, the Khmer Ruins in Ban Phum Saron is located 300 metres from Thailand-Cambodia border. A legend says a lady, Namnomyai, had stayed here on her way to visit a King. How to get there: Use highway 2243, and get in to small road at km. 91 and continue for 4 kms.

Sa Trao. The stream runs through rock plain foot of Preah Vihear Mount, before running through subterranean tunnel strengthened by rock walls. It is assumed that such low land is Barai or Khmer’s reservoir. The stream and around is now well cleaned and filled up with water.

Namtok and Tham Khun Si . The three-tier waterfall, above the cave, is situated west of Sa trao close to trail to Preah Vihear. And Khun Si Cave in gigantic size was believed accommodation of Khun Si, noble man who controlled rock cutting at Sa Trao for constructing Preah Vihear Sanctuary. 

Huai Kanun Dam. Situated 25 kilometres from the park’s headquarter, the dam and its reservoir offers nice scenery for picnic, relax or camping. The park’s unit is located nearby.

Chong An Ma. The border check point between Thailand and Cambodia is in Tambon Song, Amphoe Nam Yuen, Ubon Ratchathani. The check point, where border trade is allowed, is open every Tuesday and Thursday.

How to get there:
- From Bangkok, use highway 1 (Pahonyothin Road) turn right at Saraburi into highway 2 (Mitraphap Road). At Amphoe Si Khio, turn right into highway 24, and travel via Amphoe Pak Thong Chai, Sangkha, and Kukhan. Turn right into highway 221, and head to Amphoe Kantharalak and keep going to the park.

- From Ubon Ratchathani, use highway 2178 and 221 via Amphoe Warom Chamrap, Samrong, Benchalak, and Kantharalak to the park.

For more information about accommodation and camping ground, call tourist centre Khao Phra Wihan National Park at 0-4561-9214 or the Department of National Park at 0-2562-0760 or visit  www.dnp.go.th.



How to get there

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